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Meet Your Perfect Trainer Mr. DEVIDAS NAIKARE & the Devidas Group of Companies

Devidas Group of Companies is the only company in India which is providing solutions to many problems of the people. There are 11 companies under this company which include Citydhan Capital, Naipar shop, All-in-One Services, Digital Shop, Vedant Training Academy, S.M.Services, D.K. Foundation, Devidas Publications, Institute of Business Management and Devidas Career Training Institute which is providing different services to the people. He teaches them how to achieve business growth, relationship, health, wealth, happiness and peace of mind in their life, and from his experience he also gives training to grow people’s business in 10X. Till date, he has been honored with Young Entrepreneur 2022, Maharashtra Business Icon Award 2023, Inspiring Leader Awards 2023, Pune Entrepreneur Award along with Shri Mahatma Gandhi National Pride Award 2023. For the first time in India, he has written 11 book series on daring, out of which three books _Dare to Build Successful Mindset, _Dare to Grab New Opportunity, _Dare to be Unstoppable have been launched in the market. Mr. Davidas Naikare believes that if a person understands the powers of his mind and learns to use it in.

To make 5000 business peoples in India emotionally strong, mentally and financially empowered in the next five years


To create 1000 successful entrepreneurs and leaders in next five years in India.


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